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      In 2022, the most profitable skill will be


      Unfortunately, schools never even taught us the fundamentals of it.

      Today we’ll go over seven frameworks, so let’s get started:

      1. Describe the situation

      Every story begins with the notion that something is about to change.
      You start by sketching out life before your product/services.
      The key is dependability. Your reader should be able to see themselves.


      2. Here’s the issue:

      People don’t care unless they have a reason to. and you express yourself through emotions.

      If your reader does not understand your plight, they will not be moved to make a purchase.

      To broaden your questions, ask yourself a question frequently. Why should they be concerned?


      3. Here’s why it was difficult to solve

      Oversimplification of the issue is a common storytelling error.

      There is no need to buy if the solution appears to be simple.

      Describe the difficulty of the struggle (in a way your customer understands). The goal.
      Creating an ideal selling environment You want your reader to feel a strong connection with you.

      Everyone is looking for a way to avoid pain while experiencing pleasure.

      You can sell the solution if you can articulate the problem.

      4. Here’s the Answer

      Now is the ideal time to launch your product. But don’t go looking for a deal right away.

      It is your responsibility to determine the perceived value before stating the price.

      This is accomplished by outlining the effect.
      5. Here’s how it simplifies your life

      A copywriting golden rule:

      -Never assume the reader understands what you’re saying.
      -After describing how the problem makes life difficult, describe how your product makes life easier.

      This is a bridge before and after.

      6. The End Results

      People are uninterested in your product. What’s in it for them is most important.

      Explain the benefits rather than the features.

      Describe how your product has improved your life, and they will believe it can improve theirs as well.

      7. How You Can Get It, Too

      You no longer need to persuade your reader to buy from you; all you need to do now is explain how.

      Create scarcity and urgency as part of the story as an added bonus. You’re not being pushy this way.

      You are essentially informing them.
      This framework is applicable to both long and short stories.

      But it will never work if you ignore the facts, such as the fact that you are not the hero of the story.

      Your target audience is. You’ll have no trouble selling with storytelling if you help them win theirs.

      Use this storytelling framework

      1. This was the situation

      2. Here’s the problem

      3. Here’s why it was hard to solve

      4. Here’s our solution

      5. Here’s how it makes life easy

      6. Here’re the results

      7. Here’s how you can get it too 

      Thanks for reading! If you enjoyed this, 2 requests:
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