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Student Village Academy Forums VILLAGE POLITICS AND CURRENT AFFAIRS Is It True Africa Is Starving Because Of Russian Vs Ukraine War?

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      No it is not true, also the notion that Ukraine was  feeding Africa and later stopped because of the war with Russia is also not true.

      They are selling their grains and Africa buys, basic economics. You can’t claim to feed me if I’m paying you In return.

      But it’s all propaganda to make Ukraine seem important, and the Russians get the blame for starving poor Africans. I don’t fancy it when Africans are used for a stupid propaganda, keep us out of your wars. Nonetheless, Putin is a bastard.

      The reality is that Ukraine is the 5th exporter of Wheat in the entire world, exporting 9% of world wheat supply.

      Also it is Russia that is the first exporter of Wheat in the world. Exporting 35% of world needs. (mind blowing)

      Next is that Ukraine only supplies North Africa and the Levant regions of the middle East.

      Basically the Mediterranean region.

      All the import needs of Asia are done by Russia.

      USA, Canada and Russia supply most of Sub Saharan Africa.

      Also it is important to note that our main food source in Sub Saharan Africa doesn’t need wheat. We are big consumers of Maize, Yams, Cassava, bread is not so essential in the African diet until recently.

      Yes the prices had gone up on everything, that is why it is harder.

      But it’s not the lack of Ukrainian grain causing it. It is the world wide inflation caused by Economic sanctions against Russia that is backfiring.

      After all, if there is “Putin price hike” in a strong economy like the USA.

      What do you think is happening to the weak ones?

      Back to Ukrainian grain and their Mediterranean customers. I am pretty sure the customers can buy the grain they need from the largest exporters of Wheat in the world.

      They Are;

      The USA, second largest exporter.

      Canada, the third largest exporter.

      And France, the fourth largest exporter.

      The war is ugly, and the world is suffering the economic sanctions being thrown around. Nobody is feeding Africa, we are doing that ourselves.

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      Student Village

      Very insightful piece. Thank you for sharing this on Student Village. It’s time for Africans to wake up.

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