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      Kwara Poly’s extortion disclaimer notice

      The Polytechnic Authority has been made aware of a false post that is spreading on some WhatsApp platforms, alleging that Engr. Dr. Abdul Jimoh Muhammed, the rector, is extorting students for meager fees.

      The Administration wants to make it absolutely clear that the Polytechnic does not demand or take illegal fees from its students.

      Please be aware that collecting transcripts is standard procedure in all higher education institutions. Graduates are expected to have a document (academic transcript) that details their academic performance while they were enrolled in school. They may need this document at any time for a variety of reasons.

      Therefore, the payment for the transcript, which was described in the post as “mischievous and extortion,” was created by the institution’s enemies who wanted to tarnish the Rector’s sterling reputation.

      Additionally, one of the requirements for both the ND and HND awards in every Polytechnic in the nation is the writing, defending, and submitting of a project. By asking students to complete the task online and limiting their in-person interactions with their supervisors—which were previously being abused by some dishonest supervisors—the Management is only simplifying the task.

      Please keep in mind that everything is now digital because we live in the twenty-first century. To compete favorably with their peers, our students must also be interested in what is available around the world.

      To accomplish the goals and objectives of the Polytechnic’s founding fathers and to reclaim its former glory, the Rector and his team are working around the clock.

      As a result, the Polytechnic Management wants to urge the general public to always check the legitimacy of anything bearing the Polytechnic name before disseminating it.

      Thank you.

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