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Student Village Academy Forums VILLAGE POLITICS AND CURRENT AFFAIRS Lagos commercial drivers will boycott roads starting on Monday due to Agberos’ excesses.

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      Lagos commercial drivers will boycott roads starting on Monday due to Agberos’ excesses.

      According to the Joint Drivers Welfare Association of Nigeria (JDWAN), a seven-day boycott that will start on Monday won’t be abandoned.

      This was announced in a statement released on Sunday by JDWAN National Leader Akintade Abiodun.

      Abiodun claims that JDWAN met with representatives of the Lagos State Government on Friday to discuss the mistreatment of commercial drivers by the park unions, but the meeting was unsuccessful.

      “After issuing a press release with clear demands, the Lagos state government has since made no concrete response to JDWAN’s demands; instead, their representatives have only requested that another letter be submitted on Monday, which we regard as a joke.

      Additionally, we complied with the request to deliver physical copies of the letters to the SSS, the Lagos State Government, the Commissioner of Police, and the Commissioner of Transportation, respectively,” Abiodun said.

      “The retired AIG (Odumosu) also explicitly stated that because the extortionists are employed by the state government, they were unable to get rid of them. In an attempt to incite fear, he also said that MC Oluomo might hire thugs to assault us, after which we would be held responsible for the violence. The assistant to the transportation minister also made a threat to detain us and our attorney while we were in their office.

      “It is important to note that there is an existing restraining court order against the Lagos State Government and all transport agencies, granted by Justice P.O LIFU of the Federal High Court Ikoyi, prohibiting them from ticketing, bus stop levies, motor park levies, dues, and any form of extortion from commercial drivers with, suit no: FHC/L/CS/224/2022 between applicant barrister Olukoya Ogungbeje, Transport Union Society

      “It is unfortunate that Governor Babajide Sanwo-representatives Olu’s are mocking Lagos drivers’ plight and are uninterested in addressing the major factor causing high living costs in Lagos by requesting another letter and demanding that we call off the boycott without addressing our five demands.”

      “Drivers and commuters have been subjected to extortion and harassment by motor park management and caretaker committee thugs known as Agbero.” The blind in Lagos can also see that the cost of goods and services is a result of Agbero’s extortion because no goods can be delivered and 95% of working-class residents cannot be transported without the services of commercial drivers. The unrestrained and violent extortion by Lagos government agents has not only raised transportation fares beyond the reach of workers, but has also put goods and services out of reach of the poor Lagosian.”

      JDWAN is demanding that the state government follow Justice Lifu’s court order. Motor park thugs are prohibited from collecting levies from drivers at every bus stop, according to the order.

      JDWAN also demanded that law enforcement agencies such as the Lagos State Transport Management Agency (LASTMA) and the Rapid Response Squad stop harassing and intimidating drivers on the road (RRS).

      “The Lagos State Government should build and assign more commercial bus stops to avoid arrest by LASTMA for dropping off passengers at existing bus stops known to commuters as official bus stops,” Abiodun stated.

      “Once again, we are calling on all Lagos commercial drivers, commuters, civil society organizations, and residents to observe the 7-day boycott beginning Monday, October 31st, by remaining at home and not ply any road for commercial purposes or blocking any road whatsoever.” Since the government has refused to show any sign of stopping the state-approved extortion, all drivers should be able to enjoy their day with their families without fear of extortion and violence from the Agberos of motor park management and caretaker committee.

      “We are also issuing a 7-day ultimatum to the Lagos State Government and the thuggish motor park extortion agency to respond to our demands.”

      JDWAN will join Ibile Drivers Stakeholders Association of Nigeria (IDSWAN), Mega City Drivers Welfare Association of Nigeria (MCDWA), Federal Assisted Mass Transit Incorporation (FAMTI), Owners, Drivers, and Conductors Association (ODCA), Commercial Bus Drivers and Owners Operators of Lagos (CBDOP), and Mini Bus Drivers Welfare Association in the boycott (MNDWA).

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