Make $5,000 to $10,000 per month with your laptop and internet.

5 side hustles to make money easily: 
1. Affiliate Marketing

You’ll learn here:

What is affiliate marketing,
where you can join affiliate programs,
and how you can make money: 

Affiliate marketing is selling products for the company, SaaS, or for an individual for commissions.

It’s like selling other people’s products in your shop (Social media/Newsletter).

Here’re some profitable Affiliate programs you can join and make money: 

1. Canva – 25% Commission rate

2. GetResponse – 33% Commission rate

3. Typeshare – 30% Commission rate

4. ClickBank – 50% Commission rate

Go to their website and sign up as an Affiliate marketer.

Here’s how you can make money: 

First of all, you don’t need a huge following to sell products.

I’m not saying it doesn’t amplify or anything but it doesn’t require a following.

1. Write threads and tweets about the same products as your affiliate and put your affiliated link below. 

2. Give free guides on Twitter, Instagram, etc, and then tell your followers or readers to buy that product to help you…Direct selling.

3. Solve a problem and place your affiliated link for people to buy your product. 

4. Cold DMs now you should stick with this method and make 100+ sales. 

2. A blog

Listen blogging is a hard and back+neck hurting thing. But it’s rewarding.

You’ll learn:

What are some platforms to start writing on for free and make money,

How you can make money and more: 

Free Platforms to write on and make money:

1. Medium

To earn money on Medium there is an eligibility criterion first you need to have published articles on Medium, and you must have 100+ followers. 

2. Hubpages

To write content. It has one of the best writing and publishing UI and UX. To earn money on Hubpages you need to request ads on monetization. 

Now some other methods to make money writing on free platforms:


Write content there and then apply for Google ads and it will take some time to approve. 

Apply for affliate programs…When you get accepted, you’ll receive a link for the provider…which you’ll be using to sell their product… When you sell their product you’ll get a portion of that sale. It can be 30% or 50%.
Same for WordPress and Wix. 
Use these tools for help:

Some of them I use religiously are:

Google Docs, Canva docs (now), Word for sure, and Hemingway editor.

And yes, there are some paid tools like Copy Ai, hypotenuse AI, and Writesonic… Etc.

Choose any writing tool and get started. 

You can sell digital products or start affliate marketing.

Selling digital products is easy when you have a product to sell.

Affliate marketing is selling other people’s products.

Sign up for affliate programs and make money on your WordPress website. 

3. Digital products

Creators like @easlo and others are making $100k/year via selling digital products.

You can sell:

Notion templates, Canva Templates, and EBooks.

Start learning Canva and Notion to commence your journey to financial freedom. 

@mentions4. Dropshipping

Dropshipping is not dead.

It’s as it was yesterday or the year before.

If you want to make money selling products online via selling physical products then start dropshipping:

@mentions5. Marketing Agency

That’s not what you think a marketing agency looks like.

You won’t be working all day long like other marketers.

You’ll be finding freelancers for services your agency provides to the people (your clients).

Your main work would be finding clients. 

@mentionsHow to get clients for a marketing agency:

1. Create content that attracts clients (Tweets+threads that solve problems)
The last tweet will be your CTA.

2. DMing businesses online to give you work.

3. Engaging with the audience with your Marketing account. 

@mentions4. Find clients on Fiverr by introducing yourself as an agency.

Now create a Twitter account on your Marketing Agency.
It will require hard work and time but it will pay you a pile of cash at the end of 2023…mark my words. 

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