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      Esther Amadi

      Man Arrested for Killing his Sugar Mommy and Selling her Car in Abuja.


      In the Lugbe neighborhood of Abuja, Edeh Tochukwu, a 31-year-old man, was detained by members of the Police Intelligence Response Team (IRT). He was accused of killing his lover, Ijeoma Felix, 48.

      As he was being paraded on Tuesday, December 27, the suspect, who later confessed to the crime, claimed that on Thursday, October 24, 2022, he killed her with a pestle while they were arguing in her apartment.


      The suspect said that after killing her, he took her Toyota Camry, phone, and other personal goods before fleeing the residence. He further stated that he had altered the Camry’s vehicle documentation before selling it for 1.7 million naira on November 2nd, when he was then detained.

      He claims they got into a fight about a Toyota Highlander she gave him that he later sold without her permission. He claimed to have first connected with the deceased in a Facebook group in 2020, and that things between them were amicable enough that he later moved into her flat. He asserted that he was the victim of abuse in the relationship.


      The victim’s older sister spoke to journalists about how she found out about her sister’s passing following her horrible murder on October 24 at her home.


      She claimed that the property manager who looked after the building where her late sister’s apartment was located called her to let her know that Ijeoma hadn’t been seen in days and might be very ill. She claimed that there was a bad smell when she got to the house, but she couldn’t find her car. She went to the Lugbe Police station after finding out that a report had been lodged there.

      “They had already made arrangements for the environmental (agency). We were even at the police station when the environmental people came. All of us went to the compound.

      They went in; brought out my sister, wrapped in her center rug. She was smelling already. That means that the smell I was perceiving (the day before) was my sister. She had been there for days smelling! That was how we took her to Gwagwalada hospital and deposited the body”, she said, adding that the family wants justice.

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      Terrible things are happening

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