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Student Village Academy Forums CAREERS AND JOBS Mind-Blowing LinkedIn Statistics and Facts (2022)

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      Mind-Blowing LinkedIn Statistics and Facts (2022)

      Facebook may be the largest social networking site in the world today and Student Village Forum may not be the largest student forum in Nigeria, but LinkedIn has been supporting its users for a longer time period. And more importantly for those looking to network and develop business connections, LinkedIn users know the platform as the “professional social networking site.”

      In a world where technology is rapidly changing, the longevity of the tech company, which was founded in 2002, is a tribute to its utility and dominance within its niche in social media.

      Google Search Trends for “LinkedIn”
      Google Search Trends “LinkedIn”

      In fact, search interest for the term “LinkedIn” has increased more than 212 percent in the last 12 years. And, when it comes to interesting LinkedIn statistics and LinkedIn facts, there is a surprising abundance.

      Digging into LinkedIn Demographics

      LinkedIn now has 830 million members with over 58 million registered companies.

      LinkedIn registered users
      LinkedIn registered users

      Of those LinkedIn users who are frequently engaging with the platform, 40% access it on a daily basis, clocking up over a whopping 1 billion interactions every month. However, LinkedIn is used sparingly, so you only have a few minutes to make an impact. Users only spend about 17 minutes on LinkedIn per month.

      According to the Pew Research Center 2021 Social Media Use study, LinkedIn remains popular with college students. Further research into these LinkedIn statistics revealed that over 50% of adults who have a bachelor’s or advanced degree in the US are LinkedIn users, while the site engages with only 10% of people whose education doesn’t surpass high school.

      Additionally, 44% of LinkedIn users take home more than $75,000 per year, which is above the national median in the US. Not sure how much Nigerian LinkedIn users take home.


      Although the US has the most LinkedIn users at 176 million, over 75% of LinkedIn users are from outside of the US.

      Along gender lines, LinkedIn is more popular with men, who comprise 57% of its users base (as of January 2022). And, interestingly, millennials make up over 59% of LinkedIn’s user base, with 11 million of the 87 million millennials in decision-making positions.

      LinkedIn Revenue: The Financial Facts

      Microsoft, recognizing the value of LinkedIn, acquired the company for $26.2 billion in 2016. However, unlike many other social media platforms which rely on advertisements, LinkedIn’s services are something for which users are willing to pay. Linkedin’s current annual revenue stands at $8.05bn

      A total of 39% of LinkedIn users pay for LinkedIn Premium, which has four price tiers:

      • Career: $39.99/month ($26.99/month when billed annually)
      • Business: $69.99/month ($55.99/month when billed annually)
      • Sales Navigator Core: $99.99/month ($79.99/month when billed annually)
      • Recruiter Lite (Hiring): $199.95/month ($169.95/month when billed annually)

      *Sales tax not included in monthly pricing

      LinkedIn plans

      The Career plan is best for those looking for jobs. It gives you access to five InMail messages per month and in-demand videos, as well as the ability to see who viewed your profile, how many searches you’ve appeared in, and additional information on posted jobs (including salary).

      The other tiers include essentially the same basic features but then go a step or two further. The Business plan gives you additional information about businesses and unlimited people searches; Sales Navigator Core gives you advanced search filters, access to different sales tools, and the ability to make notes on user profiles; and Recruiter Lite gives you guided search smart suggestions and more recruiter-focused tools.

      No matter which Premium account you buy, you’ll have access to improved metrics and various ways to achieve LinkedIn growth.

      Contacting LinkedIn Support

      The LinkedIn Help Center contains resources, troubleshooting tips, and useful information to help you use their products. If you’re unable to find what you’re looking for, you can contact LinkedIn’s Customer Service representatives by submitting a support case, but you must be signed in to your LinkedIn account in order to do so.

      Is There a LinkedIn Customer Support Phone Number?

      No, LinkedIn doesn’t currently offer a phone number for customer support. There are, however, many websites that claim to provide LinkedIn phone support for a fee, but these aren’t affiliated with LinkedIn in any way.

      Generating Leads on LinkedIn

      LinkedIn is an especially good source for discovering leads. Hubspot found that LinkedIn is 277% more effective at generating leads than Facebook and Twitter.

      Linkedin lead generation
      LinkedIn lead generation (Image source: HubSpot)


      Given this, it’s no surprise that 79% of marketers see LinkedIn as a very good source of leads, with 43% of marketers saying they have sourced at least one customer from LinkedIn.

      B2B LinkedIn leads
      B2B LinkedIn leads (Image source: LinkedIn)

      That number increases for B2B marketers, who report that 80% of their social media leads come from LinkedIn, with 40% seeing LinkedIn as their most effective channel for driving high quality leads.

      Racking up Points for Recruitment

      The other primary reason LinkedIn users are active on the platforms is for job recruitment efforts. With more than 58 million companies listed on the site and 50 million people searching for jobs on LinkedIn every week, it’s no surprise to find out that 87% of recruiters regularly use LinkedIn.

      In fact, a study found that 122 million people received an interview through LinkedIn with 35.5 million having been hired by a person they connected with on the site. So it’s unsurprising that 95 Job applications are submitted through LinkedIn every second, and 3 people are hired every minute.

      LinkedIn saw a 6x Increase in the number of remote job postings added in the U.S. from March to December 2020, with over 300k remote positions.

      One good LinkedIn stat for recruiters is that employees sourced through the site are 40% less likely to leave the company within the first 6 months.

      According to LinkedIn, women now represent nearly 42% of the company’s leadership, with those in technical leadership roles growing 79% in the last five years.

      Content Creators Make Use of LinkedIn

      LinkedIn allows you to share different types of content. Articles, which can be posted on your profile or on LinkedIn Pulse, links to your website, slideshows, and video are among the most popular types of content LinkedIn users post.

      In 2019, LinkedIn sessions increased 25 percent year-over-year, with 358 billion feed updates viewed. But only around 3 million users share content on a weekly basis. This means that only about 1% of LinkedIn’s 260 million monthly users share posts, and those 3 million or so users net the 9 billion impressions.

      LinkedIn drives 46% of social traffic to B2B sites and is considered the most credible source of content. So, it is no surprise that 98% of content marketers use LinkedIn for content marketing, especially for B2B marketing and lead generation.

      A study by OkDork, which analyzed more than 3,000 LinkedIn posts, found that “how-to” and list posts performed best, especially those with titles that had 40-49 characters. Additionally, it found that posts with five headings had the most views. It also revealed that long-form content (1,900-2,000 words) performed the best, as well as content with eight images.


      LinkedIn Video is a Victory

      Mark Zuckerberg proclaimed video as ‘the next megatrend’, with platforms such as FacebookInstagramTwitterYouTube, and Snapchat making it easier for users to upload video content.

      LinkedIn wasn’t about to be left behind, especially because it was discovered that if the content was found in both video and written format, 59% of executives said they would choose to consume it via video.

      Video consumption on LinkedIn
      Video consumption on LinkedIn (Image source: MWP Digital Media)

      At one point, LinkedIn users could only embed video content from other sources. However, LinkedIn now allows native videos to be uploaded through the mobile app. This allows LinkedIn users to see a more “human” side of businesses, making the brands behind them more approachable.

      In fact, LinkedIn Video was named one of the most effective platforms for video marketing, though only 28% of marketers agree. That 28% might seem weak, but given that LinkedIn Video was only rolled out for users in August 2017, it’s actually pretty impressive that so many agree already.

      LinkedIn statistics on video
      LinkedIn statistics on video (Image source: eMarketer)

      Since then, LinkedIn has introduced filters for videos, as well as native video ads as part of sponsored content offerings.


      Source click here

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