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      Naira Scarcity: El-Rufai warns against destructive protests in Kaduna

      The message forbade any behavior that would spread fear throughout Kaduna.

      Samuel Aruwan, the commissioner of internal security and home affairs, issued the warning on Sunday.

      The government of Kaduna state now warns residents that such protests are still completely illegal. The administration stressed that citizens are strongly warned to refrain from any actions that could even slightly lead to the breakdown of law and order.

      “The government continues to sympathize with those who have been put in unspeakable distress as a result of the CBN cash swap scheme,” the statement continued. People must avoid being lured by cunning organizations that want to exploit these difficulties to provoke conflict.

      He claims that in order to address the problems and provide assistance to the populace, the Kaduna government and others around the nation are making full use of the legal system.

      The government is also looking into solutions to the problems that people are having getting to their places of employment. Any use of disorderly or aggressive behavior is prohibited and goes against the public interest, which upholds law and order, it emphasized.

      The declaration made it clear that security agencies had been put on high alert and given orders by the government to firmly defend law and order.

      The statement read, “Citizens are therefore asked to maintain their composure and be law abiding and peaceful as they prepare to exercise their civic franchise in an environment free of all forms of threat.”


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