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      Why is there a national dog day?


      Promoting this day aims to increase public awareness of the adoption of animals that are now housed in rescue facilities. Promote the ownership of dogs of all breeds, both pure and mixed, on this day as well.


      Who created national dog day?


      History of National Dog Day


      Every year on August 26, National Dog Day is observed. Colleen Paige, a champion of the pet and family lifestyle, chose that date because it was when her family first brought their dog home when she was ten years old.


      How Do You Celebrate National Dog Day?


      Get a dog through your neighborhood shelter.


      Volunteer in a shelter in your community.


      Donate to charities that support animals.


      Get your dog outside.


      Ensure the security of your dog with a GPS tracker.


      Get your dog some exercise.


      Give your dog a new toy as a treat.


      Your dog needs a new trick.


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