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Student Village Academy Forums ENTERTAINMENT Newborn Baby Dies After Mom Gave Him Tramadol, So She Could Go Clubbing.

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      Esther Amadi

      Mom Arrested As Newborn Baby Dies After She Allegedly Gave him Tramadol And Locked Him Up To Go Clubbing.


      In Cameroon, authorities have detained a young woman over the death of her newborn child.

      According to reports, the unnamed woman tried to put her toddler to sleep by giving him a strong medication called tramadol while she went out clubbing with her friends.

      The terrible tragedy, according to circulating accounts, took place in the Tiko neighborhood of Likomba.

      A witness who posted the information online revealed that “This occurred in Likomba, Tiko, yesterday night. This woman wanted to go out partying with pals despite having a newborn baby. She made the decision to give him Tramadol to put him to sleep as she couldn’t take him to the club. Later, she locked him in the house before leaving for the club. She went back home this morning, only to learn that the baby had passed away as a result of the hard drug she had given him. She has since been arrested by the police while the baby has been buried”.

      A lady who claims to be her neighbour said ” She got pregnant and her mother sent her away, she went to live with the guy and his family but they were not taking care of her, so she left, rented a single room and started doing hookup to take care of the child. The baby was not well, so she needed money for medicine and food. Not justifying what she did because the baby was to small to be left alone at home, the baby was 5 months old. Nobody knows who gave her the advice, she loves her baby and did everything for him, everything that happened was out of ignorance” she said.

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      She has a mental problem

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      Ignorance is not an excuse
      So many other ways to get money is available.
      Fine even if its to go clubbing,cant the baby be give to neighbors just to be taken care if overnight????

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