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      According to the 2023 report by the International Christian Concern (ICC), Nigeria is ranked among the worst persecutors of Christians. Despite not being recognized as a “Country of Particular Concern” by the U.S. Department of State, the survey indicates that Nigeria may be the most dangerous country in the world for Christians. It paints a frightening picture of the threats that Christians face in Nigeria.

      According to the International Christian Concern (ICC) report, Nigeria has been described as one of the most dangerous places to be a Christian in the world. The report outlined 55 attacks in Nigeria between March and July, resulting in the deaths of 549 Christians.


      These attacks included the torching of a Catholic seminary, the killing of a seminarian in Kaduna State, and the massacre of over 20 people in a Plateau State village by radical militants in August. The persecution faced by Christians in Nigeria is attributed to various factors, including terrorist groups like Boko Haram, which has been responsible for over 38,000 deaths in the past 12 years, and the enforcement of Sharia law in 12 northern states.


      The report states that Nigeria has become a dangerous place for Christians, often resulting in fatalities.

      In addition to Nigeria, the ICC report also identified nine other countries as oppressive toward Christians: North Korea, India, Iran, China, Pakistan, Eritrea, Algeria, Indonesia, and Azerbaijan. These countries were found to have patterns of religious suppression, forced labor, violence, and harsh legal restrictions against Christians.


      The ICC report also identified six entities, which included groups like the Allied Democratic Forces and Al-Shabab, as some of the most severe oppressors of religious freedom and minority rights.

      Additionally, the report highlighted five specific individuals, such as Kim Jong Un of North Korea and Xi Jinping of China, who were singled out as some of the worst perpetrators of global religious persecution.

      Despite the grim conditions described in the report, it’s worth noting that Nigeria has not been designated as a ‘Country of Particular Concern’ by the U.S. Department of State.

      This report underscores the pressing need for international attention and action to address the widespread persecution faced by Christians in Nigeria and other countries listed in the report.

      In its conclusion, the report aptly described Nigeria as a nation plagued by violence, ranging from large, well-organized terrorist groups to small, disconnected communal militias. This violence remains a deeply entrenched issue within the country.

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