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      Nigerian Cars And Their Common Faults ; Feel free to add yours to this list.

      Source : Twitter 

      Cars and their problems.

      Range Rover Sport

      Is known for their Electrical problems, suspension failure and Radiatior leak

      And it’s very expensive to fix🤭

      So before you buy a RR make sure you have enough money for maintenance 🫣

      RR is for status and not for reliabilityImage

      Mercedes Benz C300


      Engine failure at over 60k milesImage

      Nissan Murano (first Generation)

      Transmission problemsImage

      Lexus IS250

      Starting Problems (no signs or warning 😢)

      Dash board melts.Image

      BMW E90 335i

      Water pump failure

      Over 150k to replace it 🌚🤗Image

      Toyota Camry Muscle

      Engine oil dries up

      Dash board meltsImage

      Mercedes Benz C300

      2015 upwards Passenger seats control stops working after some timeImage

      Nigerian Cars And Their Common Faults
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      I’m still confused as to how a car’s dashboard melts.

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