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      Police Superintendent Offers Residence for Sale to Secure Ransom for Abducted Children

      Residents of Kuduru New Extension, a town straddling the border between Abuja and Niger State, have been grappling with the aftermath of a kidnapping incident that occurred two months ago. Seven individuals were abducted from their homes, prompting frantic negotiations between their families and the kidnappers.

      According to information obtained by FIJ, the police response to the abduction was delayed, with officers arriving after the assailants had already fled the scene with their captives. However, local vigilantes arrived promptly upon hearing the commotion and engaged the kidnappers in gunfire. Despite their efforts, the vigilantes were unable to pursue the assailants due to their inferior weaponry.

      “It seemed like the kidnappers intended to carry out more raids before the vigilantes intervened and started shooting to scare them off,” a source familiar with the incident disclosed to FIJ.

      In the aftermath of the abduction, both community members and the families of the victims appealed to the police for assistance in securing the release of their loved ones.

      “While there was initial reluctance from authorities, Superintendent Wike eventually engaged with the community leaders, pledging to bolster security in the area and its environs,” the source revealed.

      Ransom Demands and Negotiations

      Subsequent to the abduction, the kidnappers initiated contact with the families of the victims, demanding hefty sums for their release. The demands included 150 million Naira for one individual, 50 million Naira each for the superintendent’s two children, and 100 million Naira for another victim’s spouse, totaling a staggering 500 million Naira.

      Moreover, in addition to monetary demands, the kidnappers requested food supplies, clothing, and medicine for their captives, indicating a dire situation.

      Amidst negotiations, the families realized the necessity of presenting a united front against the abductors. They enlisted the help of a community member fluent in Hausa, the language spoken by the kidnappers, to facilitate discussions.

      Despite their efforts, the families were only able to gather 23 million Naira, which fell far short of the kidnappers’ demands. However, the abductors eventually agreed to accept the offered amount.

      Challenges in Ransom Delivery

      Delivering the ransom posed significant challenges, as potential drivers feared reprisals from the kidnappers. Reports of drivers being targeted after ransom deliveries heightened apprehensions among the local populace.

      Eventually, a driver was secured at great expense, agreeing to transport the ransom for a fee of 400,000 Naira. However, logistical hurdles further complicated the process, with the driver encountering military presence on his initial attempt to deliver the funds.

      Despite subsequent attempts, delays persisted, and the kidnappers escalated their threats, leading to tragic consequences.

      Tragic Outcome and Ongoing Efforts

      Tragically, one of the abducted individuals was reported killed by the kidnappers, prompting further distress among their families. The perpetrators issued ultimatums, threatening further violence unless their demands were met.

      In a desperate bid to secure the release of their loved ones, families began liquidating assets, with the police superintendent even offering his residence for sale. However, with the ransom now inflated to 290 million Naira, the situation remains dire, leaving the community in anguish as they grapple with the harrowing ordeal.

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      Esther Amadi

      What are the chances that said house was built from the proceeds of extortion and kidnapping my police officers themselves?


      Even the police don’t trust their efforts in security

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