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Student Village Academy Forums STUDY ABROAD Nigerian students have the chance to enroll in American universities

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      American universities offer admission opportunities to Nigerian students. Student Village reports that,

      Opportunities for Nigerian students to gain admission to various American universities have opened up recently.

      The 21st annual Education USA College and Career Fair was held on Thursday in Lagos by the American Embassy in Nigeria.

      Attendees included university representatives from Iowa, New York, Kentucky, and California. The event took place at the Radisson Blu Hotel in Ikeja, Lagos.

      In an interactive session with undergraduates, graduates, and parents at the study fair, the U.S. representatives discussed the various opportunities, visa application procedures, alluring scholarships, chances for career advancement, and funding in the U.S.

      According to Chinenye Uwadileke, the U.S. education adviser, students applying to US universities will be given fully funded scholarships and scholarships worth as little as $5,000.

      There are about 25 universities in the United States; some offer graduate and undergraduate programs. We hope to increase the number of students from 13,000 to 16,000,” she said.

      The opportunity to study full-time and work 20 hours per week on campus is available to students in the United States, she continued.

      Adnan Siddiqi, a public affairs counselor at the U.S. Embassy in Nigeria, explained the visa application procedure and stated that before continuing, students must be accepted into the university of their choice.

      “The idea behind the student visa is that you must return to your home country after receiving your degree. The number of years you can stay in the United States on a student visa is extremely constrained, he explained.

      Will Stevens, the general consul of the United States, recognizes parents’ efforts in supporting their children’s education.

      The majority of African students in the United States, he noted, are from Nigeria. “Over 13,000 Nigerian students are in the US,” he said, adding that more interviews for Nigerians looking to study in the US were conducted after COVID.

      Student village reports that, according to him, the US wants to establish connections that will help African students and their nations.

      “Our relationship will benefit from the time you spent studying in the United States. When you study in the US, you return to Nigeria with collaborators for research, funding, investments, and business ventures, the speaker said.

      “In my opinion, when we discuss the 21st century, we are discussing how to position Africa for every opportunity. You are essential to ensuring the success of our partnership.

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