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      North Korea Has Reportedly Executed 3 High Schoolers for Distributing K-Dramas

      According to reports, North Korea murdered three teens for sharing and watching South Korean K-dramas.

      Three high school students were found watching and importing TV programmes from their neighboring country in early October, according to media outlets such as Chosun Ilbo. According to a new rule implemented in December 2020, watching audiovisual content from South Korea is a criminal. Previously, minor individuals were not executed for defying the law; now, it appears that the punishment is now applied to teenagers as well.

      According to reports, the three male students were based in Hyesan, a city near the North Korean-China border. They viewed several episodes of South Korean and American television shows and were later caught passing these materials around with their colleagues.

      Despite the heavy consequences, North Korean individuals are known to access South Korean content. According to a Unification Media Group study, 96% of respondents have seen popular K-dramas such as Squid Game and Crash Landing on You.

      This isn’t the first time North Korea has executed civilians for being exposed to South Korean content. Last year, seven people were slain for watching K-pop music videos, which Kim Jong-un sees as a “vicious cancer.” Meanwhile, to commemorate the 10th anniversary of Kim Jong-death, il’s the government prohibited laughing and drinking for 11 days in December 2021.

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