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      Over €89,000 ‘Prince of Gabon’ Fraud: Nigerian Wanted in Cyprus

      Osas Osunbor, a 43-year-old Nigerian man, has been declared wanted by Cyprus police in connection with a €89,000 fraud case.

      According to a press release issued by the Cypriot Police on Wednesday, the Nigerian was involved in a fraud case that occurred in the district of Famagusta in July and August. According to In-Cyprus, this is the case.

      According to the police, Osunbor and a 32-year-old man who had already been arrested stole €89,000 from a 45-year-old liquor store owner.

      According to the police, Osunbor and his partner informed the store owner that the Prince of Gabon was interested in purchasing his company for a million euros.

      “In one of the meetings with the alleged prince, the suspects told the 45-year-old that due to problems in exporting money from his country, the cash the ‘prince’ was going to pay him had been coloured white, but after the proper chemical process, they would revert to their initial colour,” In-Cyprus said.

      “On August 25, the victim gave the suspects €89,000 to pay for the reversion of the colour of the money. Then, the two men told him that they were going to Larnaca to get chemicals to change the colour of the money. The two suspects then disappeared.”

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