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      Odion Abigail

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      The beautiful of a delicious meal is not only the ability of it to make the mouth salivate but also gracing the belly with peace. Education is said to be the most paramount key to unlock doors of success. However being in the right place also play a vital role in making this journey an easy go.
      It is tremendously important to know that choosing the right school for yourself makes a whole lot of difference in the success of academic career.

      The good news is that there are many options as at where to drink from the milk of education down the street of Nigeria.

      Have you been to OAU?

      Follow me let me reveal some nitty gritty about her.

      OAU is one of the most prestigious institution in Africa. She is known for her greatness, uniqueness and achievement. Obafemi Awolowo University located in Ile_Ife, Osun in Nigeria. The school offers degree programs in different areas ranging from sciences, social sciences, management courses etc.
      Here are some juicy couture about Obafemi Awolowo University as she’s fondly called.

      The fastest man in Nigeria who represented Nigeria Olympic Enoch Adegoke
      The famous oil billionaire Femi Otedola
      The famous Lawyer Femil Falana
      The famous singer Lagbaja to mention but few, are all products of OAU.

      Statistics has shown beyond doubt that her vision for producing impactful and well meaningful personality is at it peak.
      The best way to learn wisdom and mysteries is to sit under the tooth of an elder and OAU is the third oldest university in Nigeria.

      Nigeria’s only Nobel prize winner in literature and the first African laureate, Wole Soyinka served as a professor of comparative literature between 1975_1999. Imagine the brainstorming ideas that will be inculcated.

      OAU is not under ASUU so in other words, no need to stress your bones about strike actions.

      For those who love doing what student call TDB (Till Day Break) reading, the good new is that OAU generate it’s own electricity with a gas powered turbine that generate 8.0 megawatts daily and can also provide for it’s surrounding communities.

      OAU has over 92 departments and over 12,000 academic staff in the academic session.
      It is an independent place with markets, stores, hostels, guest houses, recreation centers, restaurants, hospitals/health centers, radio stations, post office, mino companies, ventures farms and so on.

      It has a landmass of over 13,000 acres bigger than some cities like Vatican and Monaco put together. The total population of her students is more than the population of countries as Monaco, Saint Kitts and Nevis.

      If you’re considering OAU as an option, you’re on the right track. The above review is just few out of the multiple achievement.

      Every one deserves the best but it is left for us to make the right choice out of the available alternative.

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