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      Esther Amadi

      Small things that matter to guys.

      1. He cooks for you – and you enjoy the heck out of it!
      2. You offer up ideas for dates
      3. When you write to him, you use his name here and there
      4. He loves it when you hold his hands in front of your friends and his friends
      5. He loves it when you kiss him for no reason at all
      6. You wear one of his shirts around the house
      7. He’s gazing at you and you catch him
      8. You hand him a cup of coffee/drink without him asking or expecting it
      9. You say his name while in the bedroom
      10. He loves it when you appreciate and listen to the kind of music he listens to
      11. He loves it when you initiate intimacy sometimes
      12. He loves it when you’re interested in his life story
      13. You hold the popcorn at the movies but are always tipping it his way
      14. You don’t go looking at his phone or laptop
      15. You tell him you miss him now and then.
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      Make i dey learn

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