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      Shekinah Brama

      Who is a social media manager?

      A Social Media Manager is typically the person in a company who is tasked with monitoring, implementing, filtering, and measuring a product, brand, corporation, or even an individual’s social media presence.

      A social media manager is frequently referred to as the “voice of the organization.” The position is also known as a ‘Digital and Social Media Manager.’

      What is the job of a social media manager?

      Social Media Managers design and manage brand promotions, corporate information, and marketing initiatives across multiple social media networks for their firm. To ensure that your content is on track, use a digital marketing campaign checklist.

      They also understand the best social media metrics to concentrate on, how to use free or paid tools, and how to reply to inquiries and comments in accordance with the company’s voice and guidelines. Social media managers create fresh material on a regular basis, continually innovating to promote new ideas and forms and measuring how well those ideas function.

      Social media managers may answer to the Head of Content or Brand, a Social Media Director (in larger organizations), or both. To generate lead-generation campaigns that the sales team can turn into income, they collaborate with other creative departments like marketing and public relations as well as the sales department. It is expected of a social media manager to stay current on business and industry news as well as emerging trends.

      The job is fast-paced and diversified, requiring multiple responsibilities in a single day! A Social Media Manager may perform the following tasks, among others:

      Increasing followers and generating engagement: Increase a company’s profile on all active social networks by increasing the number of followers and engagement (likes, comments, and shares). To do both, you may be needed to create written or visual posts.

      Strategizing content and campaigns: To promote interaction, you’ll be in charge of conceptualizing (and occasionally implementing) social campaigns that correspond with a company’s wider marketing strategy. You might also produce ideas for evergreen and timely content or repurpose user-generated material.

      Posting and maintaining social media accounts: Depending on the size of your team, you can be in charge of maintaining all social media accounts. In that instance, you might have to plan posts and monitor followers’ reactions. You can also be in charge of answering follower comments and communications.

      Data analysis: In addition to creative labor, you’ll spend time analyzing data to see how a company’s posts and content are doing. This can include social listening, which involves monitoring what people say about a business or competitors on social media.

      Metrics reporting to key stakeholders: Companies want to know that the work you’re doing has an impact, so you’ll be expected to report your accomplishments—or any problems that arise—to your marketing team and even the company’s stakeholders. They’ll most likely be interested in how you expand followers, enhance engagement, create new content and campaigns, and so on.

      How to become a social media manager

       Although the specifics can vary per firm, being a social media manager frequently involves a combination of education and experience. You can get ready for the position by majoring in a subject like marketing, journalism, or communications that can help you develop your business or communication abilities.

       Attending the university may also open up a variety of options for you to acquire specific professional experience. Search for internships, volunteer positions, or part-time jobs using the resources provided by your career center. Otherwise, consider joining a club and helping out with their social media campaigns.

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