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      Stop blaming school teachers for your parental responsibilities: Proprietress

      Motunrayo Abiola, the headmistress of a private school, has urged parents to stop delegating all of their parental duties to their children’s teachers.

      Mrs. Abiola, who gave the advice on Friday in Ilorin, claimed that the majority of parents disregarded their obligations to support the teachers of their children.

      She claims that most parents love to hold teachers accountable for their kids’ subpar academic and moral behavior.

      “Charity starts in the home. Every parent has a responsibility to instill moral values in their children. You can’t rely on your teachers to take care of everything.

      Teachers aren’t machines. Make time for your kids and impart to them the virtues of society.

      “Enough with blaming school personnel for your kids’ misdeeds. Be a good parent and discuss ways to improve your children’s lives with them, she advised.

      The owner of Success Step Nursery and Primary School urged parents to put moral instruction and children’s welfare ahead of party.

      Additionally, she counseled parents to have an open-door policy with their kids so they can express themselves.

      To prevent them from taking bad advice from their peers, she advised not being too harsh and allowing them to talk and express their feelings.


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