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      Colonel Ibrahim Taiwo was the Military Governor of Kwara State from July 1975 to February 1976 during the military regime of General Murtala Muhammed. He assisted in the establishment of the University of Ilorin, which was founded by decree in August 1975.Image
      During the Civil War, Taiwo was one of the key figures in the Asaba massacre of October 7, 1967. He also played a main role in the coup that ousted Yakubu Gowon, under cover of his Supply and Transport duties in the army, working closely with Lieutenant-Colonel Muhammadu Buhari. 
      Colonel Ibrahim Taiwo was murdered on Friday, February 13, 1976, following an abortive coup in which the Head of State General Murtala Mohammed was also killed. He was 36.

      The Ibrahim Taiwo Road in Kano is named after him.

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