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Student Village Academy Forums JAMB Summary Of JAMB Poem – Good Morrow By John Donne

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      The English metaphysical poet John Donne wrote a poem titled “The Good-Morrow.” It is a love poem that examines the speaker’s recent discovery of love and how it has altered both his life and outlook on the world.


      The poem’s speaker, who is addressing his sweetheart, talks on how their love has made his life better, happier, and more meaningful than it ever could have been before. He compliments his sweetheart for the change they have brought about and compares their love to the morning, which has given new light into his life.


      Donne uses strong metaphors and images to convey the speaker’s reactions to love throughout the entire poem. For instance, he describes how his perception of the world has changed as a result of their love, as if it has grown more attractive and vivid. He also discusses the concept of togetherness and how their love has bonded them and made them into a single entity.


      The investigation of love and its transformational power in “The Good-Morrow” is lovely and intensely personal. It is a celebration of the bond between two people and a monument to the joy and happiness that love can offer.







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