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      Joseph Ayobami

      The Black Panther.

      A wild one
      Full of rage.

      A big one
      Filled with bravery.

      He who owns the mounts
      The preys in fear they stunts.

      A strong one

      In his cubicle
      A soul so gentle

      Down the hill
      His grave is settled

      After a long battle of victory
      He lost and won.

      Conquering the conquest
      Ending the long quest.

      The people,
      The predators and the preys

      All sing in unison
      A song of songs

      Of psalms and hymns
      Of dirges and tributes.

      Home away from Home”

      There the soul lies
      And the spirit lives.

      The Black Panther
      Chadwick the Boseman.


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      This is beautiful work, makes me miss writing poetry all over again. Good job!

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