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      Joseph Ayobami
      • CROWN OF CLAY (inspired By Vector’s Crown Of Clay)


      Crown of Clay

      Tell me what Mama gonna say

      If she find me by the bay

      Fighting with ’em white guys most of which are gay.


      Even though I look frail

      Or I bend over like some heap of dry hay

      Oh dear I can’t say

      What evil I can do or the way I cause pain.



      The black soul in me

      Black blood, black thoughts strolling in me

      The recompense I’m always ready to see

      Even if it’s righteous or it’s borne of sin.


      Ready to take revenge

      On that man who shot Papa in the head

      The black weapon in my hand

      So thirsty for the vein on his neck.


      But I’m on a ship going to Spain

      Looking at this guard, O Ti Loose guard

      Ready to pounce on his gird

      Grab his gun and shoot straight in his heart.


      Being the first line of offense

      But no offense I’m taking revenge with no regret

      In my head dey this stubbornness

      Of an African guy with high confidence.


      – Ayòbámi

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      Beautiful! Personally I love the imagery you created with words.

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