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      The government of Anambra prohibits wearing miniskirts to school.

      Miniskirts are no longer permitted as part of the state’s school uniform, according to the Anambra administration.

      Ngozi Chuma-Udeh, the commissioner of education, said in Awka on Sunday that the notice of the ban was required because classes start on Monday.

      She claimed that both public and private school education secretaries had been informed of the development.

      According to the commissioner, it is morally repugnant and unacceptable for children of school age to wear miniskirts as part of the expanding trend of school uniforms.

      “A student should dress modestly for school, appear well-groomed, and present a cheerful attitude.

      She stated, “The appropriate length for uniforms in the state continues to be knee length and not above the knee, which is quickly becoming as the fashion trend in schools.

      According to the commissioner, education secretaries are responsible for ensuring that schools follow the directive.

      In order for the students to behave appropriately and develop into responsible individuals, Ms. Chuma-Udeh asked the secretaries to instill in them the proper principles and rules.


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