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      One interesting thing you need to know about keeping a relationship is that the presence of money is important. Now, I’m not saying you should let money determine who you love; no. I’m saying that you should recognize that you need money to run a home. Face reality dear, love won’t put food on the table, it won’t send your kids to school, it won’t buy you what you need or want; money does that. Although, love has to be present because even with the money, if there’s no love, you won’t spend the money on the person.

      Moving on, before entering a relationship, ensure you can feed yourself and one at least one more person. I shake my head when I see students who have no source of income apart from their parents, getting married. I mean, come on! Do you plan on depending on your parents forever? I hope the answer is “no.”

      Do not go into a relationship if you are still depending on someone for money. Especially if you are a guy; cos as the head of the family there are certain factors that you will need money to solve. Now, ladies, you are not exempted from this, don’t go into a relationship as a liability. Be an asset that your husband will be able to boost of. Don’t be a woman that will spend all his money without contributing anything other than food or sex.

      Oh! If one of you is a spender and the other is a saver, know how you will compromise before going into marriage. Because once you go into marriage, bills you did not foresee will start popping up and there might be no extra money to buy that designer hand bag or designer tie; except you guys are very rich (even so you’ve got to save.)

      Above all, you’ve to realize the fact that once you enter a relationship, especially marriage, your money is no longer yours alone. It’s for you, your spouse, your children, your family, your spouse’s family and the maintenance of the house. So, plan well and be ready before entering one. Good luck.

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      Money as equally as important as love and trust but shouldn’t be what a relationship is all about

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        So what should a relationship be about.

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      I agree with this though it is believed that one should marry for love not money. Of course money takes care of love. Money is 75% attraction. Lol

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        MORE like 90%

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