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Student Village Academy Forums VILLAGE POLITICS AND CURRENT AFFAIRS Thugs shoot police officer and citizen in Ondo election

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      On Saturday, during the House of Assembly poll, a group of thugs attacked and shot a police officer and another person in Ondo, a state in southwestern Nigeria. The incident occurred at Polling Unit 11, Edo Lodge in Oke Ijebu, Akure.

      According to reports, the thugs stormed the polling unit around noon, disrupting the voting process and assaulting people. The police officer, who was attached to the Special Protection Unit (SPU), was shot in the leg while attempting to disperse the thugs.

      The other person who was shot, an innocent bystander, was hit in the leg by a stray bullet. Both victims were immediately rushed to the hospital for medical attention.

      The Ondo State Police Command confirmed the incident, stating that it had launched an investigation into the matter. The command also stated that it had deployed additional personnel to the area to ensure the safety of voters and prevent any further disruption of the voting process.

      This incident highlights the ongoing issue of political thuggery and violence during elections in Nigeria. It is a sad reminder of the need for increased security measures and stricter enforcement of the law to prevent such incidents from occurring in the future.


      Furthermore, it is essential for the Nigerian government to address the root causes of political violence, such as poverty, unemployment, and lack of education, which often drive individuals to engage in such criminal activities.

      In conclusion, the attack on the police officer and innocent bystander during the House of Assembly poll in Ondo is a clear indication of the need for urgent action to be taken to address the issue of political violence and thuggery in Nigeria. The government and law enforcement agencies must work together to ensure that elections are conducted in a peaceful and secure environment, free from any form of intimidation or violence.

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