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Student Village Academy Forums GENERAL DISCUSSIONS Truck rams into commercial bus on Abeokuta expressway, killing 4, injuring 9.

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      Shekinah Brama

      Truck rams into commercial bus on Abeokuta expressway, killing 4, injuring 9.

      Mazda Bus and a Truck used to illustrate an accident

      On Thursday, an accident involving a Mazda bus and an unregistered truck at Obada Oko on the Lagos-Abeokuta expressway resulted in four fatalities and nine injuries.

      The FRSC spokesperson in Ogun, Florence Okpe, confirmed the accident to reporters in Abeokuta.

      Nine adult males and five adult females made up the group of 14 people who were involved in the accident, according to Ms. Okpe.

      She claims that nine people—four adult males and five adult females—suffered injuries.

      Four people in total, all of whom were adults and males, died.

      She claimed that a Mazda Bus and an unregistered truck both had the KRD831YD license plate.

      She continued by saying that the unregistered truck that struck the bus with the designation KRD 831 YD violated the route and that, regrettably, the driver did not stop.

      According to the FRSC spokesperson, the injured people were taken for medical care to the Federal Medical Centre in Abeokuta, the State General Hospital in Ijaye, Abeokuta, and the Aries Medicare Hospital in Obada town.

      The deceased had been taken away by their family, according to the FRSC spokesperson.

      She cited Ahmed Umar, the state’s FRSC Sector Commander, as saying that drivers should always abide by the law.

      He emphasized that passengers should warn other drivers and report reckless driving by calling the toll-free number 122.


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