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      Twitter is becoming a hub for trending memes and i am loving it. first, it was pawpaw memes, then ‘‘who kill am meme”

      This post brings the best comrade memes from across the internet

      What is Nigeria comrade meme, and how can you create it?

      Comrade meme, comrade wait for me.

      Man of Letters. on Twitter: "Comrade meme dump??: Post your top 4 comrade  memes of the year 2021 in this thread, let's have a collection. Mine:" / Twitter

      Comrade meme of Olamide


      What is Nigeria comrade meme, and how can you create it?

      comrade lower your voice meme

      Comrade violence meme

      Premier League Taunts - I know some Nigerian memes come and go but I think  Comrade meme will last forever ??,everyday we will always see new version  ??? ❤️Mavies❤️ | Facebook

      Funny Nigerian comrade memes and how to create them

      Comrade you dey amaze us meme

      Share Your Memes, The Comrade Pepe Challenge Thread - Romance (4) - Nigeria

      Mini comrade meme

      Add your own meme, comrade memes in the comments

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