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      Spending time together is key to maintaining a strong bond as both friends and lovers, but spending time apart is equally as important.

      You need to maintain your sense of self by pursuing your own friendships and hobbies outside your relationship

      The open relationship

      Also known as a non-exclusive type of relationship, an open relationship is an intimate relationship that is sexually non-exclusive.

      An open relationship implies having more than one sexual partner. In such a relationship, the partner agrees upon engaging in different types of romantic relationships or sexual activities outside their relationship.

      Clingy relationships

      Being a clingy partner often stems from insecurities. You may not feel good enough for your mate or have dealt with broken trust in a former relationship that has carried on to your current one.

      Toxic Relationship

      When you’re in a relationship, you should feel special, secure, and happy. These types of relationships are just the opposite. A toxic relationship seems great at first, and then your partner’s true colors begin to show.

      Held by grief Relationship

      Their pain has brought them together as they needed someone to share their pain with. Such relationships usually fall apart as the pain begins to subside.
      What’s worse is that a toxic relationship drags down your self-worth, which makes it harder for you to leave. Moreover, a study even found that people with low self-esteem are the most subjected to such relationships.

      Scripted Relationship

      Some types of relationships happen not because you like somebody, but because you feel like you should like that person. Take the good one paper relationship, for example.

      You don’t necessarily have feelings for this guy, but he’s handsome, sweet, has a good job, and makes you laugh. He’s total marriage material. So you date him anyway.

      Unhappy relationship

      In an unhappy relationship, the couple has reached a point where they are unhappy and don’t have the will to look for ways to reconnect with each other. In such types of relationships, the couple usually stays together for anything other than love.

      It could be financial reasons, and they might stay together for their kids, or due to social pressure.

      Long-distance relationship

      If you’re looking for types of relationships that are only for the brave, look no further than the long-distance relationship.
      You will promise yourself that it’s no big deal to live far away from the love of your life and that you guys will be the ones to succeed!

      Insecure relationship

      If your partner is constantly looking for inconsistencies in your behavior, your loyalty, or your interest in them, then you are in an insecure relationship.

      In such types of relationships, you can only go so far as to make your partner believe in your intention, but beyond a point, you can’t do much but let go.
      Sacrificial relationship

      Making sacrifices in a relationship can be attributed to the very definition of true love. Many times the sacrifices that you make for your partner can have a positive impact on your relationship.

      Asexual relationship

      In such types of relationships, the couples are not sexually attracted to each other but are attracted to other people and might even be sexually active outside of their relationship.

      Usually, such a scenario is brought on by boredom from a sexual routine.

      Complicated relationship

      A complicated relationship is one where a couple is unable to resolve a conflict or fix an issue and are stuck in a trick limbo.

      The partners are aware of what is troubling their relationship but are not sure how to deal with it.
      Just in it for the sex

      Call it friends with benefits, call it physical attraction, or just admit that you’re just in it for the sex. Sometimes you have chemistry with a person that is undeniable, but you know in your heart that this person is not relationship material.

      This usually turns into a relationship where you are just using one another for sex.
      Love-hate relationship

      With equal parts love and equal parts hate, in such types of relationships, the couple is madly in love but at the same time can’t stand each other.

      The drama that comes with such a relationship can be fun at first, but over time it starts to mentally and emotionally deplete you unless you resolve your issues.

      Mature relationship

      A mature relationship is one with a relative lack of judgment and a relatively few nonnegotiable rigid expectations.

      Usually associated with people over 40, when their needs have changed or evolved, in such a relationship, people usually move away from predetermined scripts in which the response to anyone will be more or less similar.

      Our relationships are connected together through us and are the reason for many beautiful things. These relationships give meaning to our lives and who we are. The better we understand them, the better our chances for attaining peace of mind.

      The language we use to describe different types of relationships changes over time and sometimes depends on your culture, belief system, and location.

      Trophy relationship

      Such types of relationships are considered as a status symbol, or else it gives you something materialistic in return.

      The premise of a trophy relationship is greed, where a person is either a gold digger or looking for a trophy partner.

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