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      UNN lecturer Throws Stone At Students Out Of Annoyance

      A 100-level student of the University of Nigeria Nsukka, Enugu State, has been hospitalized after one of her lecturers, Mr. Ukwueze Ogochukwu allegedly broke her head with a stone.

      UNN student lands in the hospital after a lecturer broke her head with a stone

      A stone was reportedly thrown at a group of students by a lecturer from the faculty of humanities, and tragically, it struck the first-year student known only as Blessing.

      On Monday, February 13, the professor whose session concluded at around 7:00 am reportedly tossed the stone at the students when he spotted them scurrying to sign his attendance sheet out of frustration.

      Blessing’s head began to bleed heavily when the stone struck her. She allegedly briefly blacked out before being taken to the school’s medical center.

      Blessing could be seen being taken away in a bike in one of the films that were uploaded online. She could be seen in another video clearly in pain as she laid in a hospital bed.

      Her colleagues swarmed the administrative office after the incident to complain and demand the lecturer’s immediate firing.

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