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      Shekinah Brama

      This post is for Students who want to consider a career in content creation/content creation and have no idea what their duties are.

      What Are The Duties Of A Content Creator?

      A content developer’s main responsibility is to provide promotional textual, audio, and visual assets for a specific audience. When employed by a business, a content creator will check and assess data, collaborate with others like graphic designers, and help generate promotional materials, all under the supervision of managers or more experienced creators.

      They are accountable for adhering to the organization’s standards and processes, as well as keeping up with market trends, producing interesting material, and interacting with clients.

      Duties of A Content Creator

      • investigation into topics relevant to the sector

        Create various content types (videos, articles, infographics) with the appropriate tone and style, adhering to the style manuals for each kind.

        Make orderly drafts using various online publishing tools.

        Content should be created with specific audiences in mind and should center on trending issues.

        Using social media to interact with clients, address concerns or issues, and publicize business initiatives.

      • Add blog posts and social media updates to websites and social media sites like Facebook and LinkedIn.
      • Putting forward ideas for new ways to market the company’s products and reach customers.
      • Do keyword research and use the best SEO techniques to improve content.
      • Look at web traffic to see how well the content is doing (e.g. conversion and bounce rates)
      • Coordinate with internal customers to get their creative direction, or work with the photographer and product managers to make suggestions.
      • Work with the photographer to plan and schedule work so that deadlines are met.
      • Unpack products, check them in, and set them up for photo shoots.
      • Help the photographer make consistent, high-quality photos and videos by working with him or her.
      • As needed, take pictures of products for an online store.
      • Help get ready for photo shoots by setting up sets, painting, and putting things together.
      • As needed, help with styling a wide range of projects.
      • Find out how your competitors and other companies that sell consumer goods show off their products online, on social media, and in catalogs so you can keep up with the latest trends in photo styling.
      • Work together to choose interesting and appropriate props that will help you display products in a creative way. Pull them out for shoot days and put them back in their boxes after the photos are taken.
      • Make content that raises awareness, thought leadership, and demand for certain products, services, and solutions;
      • Help come up with and write a wide range of content, such as emails, articles, website copy, and longer pieces.
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