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      What are the themes in the poem black woman 

      Themes In The Poem: “Black Woman” By Leopold Sedar Senghor


      THE CELEBRATION OF BLACK BEAUTY: Senghor extols the virtues of African women, and by extension, Africans as a whole, in “Black Woman.” He writes to refute the Western world’s presumption that black people are inferior and linked to primitivism or barbarism.


      According to the poet, Africa is the superior continent. He likens the beauty of an eagle to life and the color of an African woman to life. The phrase “naked woman, dusky woman” is repeated throughout the poem to highlight Africa’s beauty.


      Africa’s skin reflects the sun, the gold, and the surrounding landscape. The piece might be considered a hymn to beauty.


      What are the themes in the poem black woman




      It has frequently been stated that women are inferior to men in terms of motherhood. This statement is debatable. Is the woman emotionally, physically, and spiritually frail? however, shows ladies in real life. There won’t be life without them. In the poem, they are referred to as his “new found place,” “torn fruit,” and paradise of beauty.


      The poet perfectly expresses the heartwarming, tranquil, charitable, and infectious joy of parenthood.


      These characteristics are ascribed to a higher being. He conceptualizes Africa as the earth’s mother womb. Africa is referred to as the mother who “feeds the roots of life” in the final line. Africa is regarded as the birthplace of civilization. The colonists severely undercut the economy of Africa as a continent.


      Theme of CULTURAL RENAISSANCE: As stated above, this poem refutes the notion that compared to Western culture, African culture is inferior, barbaric, and primitive. Culture is a distinct people’s way of life.


      Some of the cultural essences portrayed in the poem include eulogies, songs of praise, dancing, and modes of dress. The poet urges Africans to respect their culture while rejecting Western notions that are at odds with it.




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