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      When you see “outstanding” on your WAEC result, it can be a cause of worry and for right reasons.


      Before we dive into what “outstanding ” in WAEC result means let’s be sure of the following facts.


      1. Did you register or write your WAEC in a special centre? (Special centres are examination centres that are involved in high level of malpractice)


      2. Were you involved in any form of malpractice, maybe copying from your seat partner or you forgot to remove exhibit from your answer sheet. (it’s stupid but it happens)


      If you can answer no to the above questions then let’s go to the second part of the question.


      What Are The Chances Of Me Getting My Result If It Shows Outstanding?


      The chances of an outstanding results being released is medium, it is not as worse as when a result is being withheld.


      What Does “Outstanding” Result Mean In WAEC? 


      Outstanding in some subject(s) mostly occur when a student is recorded as present in exams, but the mark on the subject(s) are not concluded.


      It can also be cause by extra answer sheet. i.e. when not properly attached or some other factors.


      As stated earlier, as long as you aren’t involved in any form of malpractice, then your WAEC result will definitely be released to you in due.

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