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      Paul Parker has launched a scathing critique of Marcus Rashford’s recent conduct at Manchester United, suggesting that the talented forward could be facing the bench and potentially even a transfer due to his recent actions.

      The 26-year-old winger, an England international, has faced repercussions for violating club discipline at Old Trafford. Reports surfaced of him frequenting nightclubs in Belfast before returning to England, where he subsequently missed training sessions leading up to an FA Cup match against Newport County. Despite being available, he ultimately did not feature in the game.

      Rashford has been struggling for form this season and ex-United defender Parker, who won two Premier League titles in his playing days, has told My Betting Sites of the approach that the Red Devils need to take with a disruptive influence: “You live and die by the people you play with, and he has to remember that. I think it might end up with Rashford having to find a new club, and the team-mates will have a hard time trusting him. Are they going to trust him? No, because he has been sh*tting on his own doorstep so many times.

      “He should consider the fact that he is a true Mancunian at heart. Even after he retires, he will continue to live in this city and will have to face the consequences of his unprofessional behavior. It won’t be a pleasant experience for him, to be honest. He needs to realize that once his football career is over, people won’t forget his actions. Something is not right. His reluctance to work hard for the club he was supposed to love is a problem. He has disappointed the club and his fellow team members.”

      The club needs to consider whether he should stay or not. For now, looking at the very present, I think the right punishment would be to include him in the squad for the match against Wolverhampton, let him warm up and let him sit on the bench without even considering to sub him on. That would be embarrassing to him.”

      Marcus Rashford GFX

      Parker, a former United defender, minced no words in his assessment, asserting that Rashford’s behavior has eroded trust among his teammates and put his future at the club in jeopardy. He expressed concern over Rashford’s commitment to the team and suggested that the club may need to reassess his role going forward.

      Highlighting Rashford’s status as a Manchester native, Parker underscored the importance of his reputation both on and off the pitch. He cautioned that Rashford’s actions could tarnish his standing within the community and emphasized the need for the player to reflect on his responsibilities as a professional athlete.

      In a particularly pointed statement, Parker suggested that Rashford’s inner circle, including his family, may not be providing him with the guidance he needs. Drawing parallels with the careers of Ronaldinho and Neymar, Parker warned that Rashford’s career trajectory could suffer if he continues to surround himself with the wrong influences.

      Despite Rashford’s stellar performance last season, where he notched an impressive 30 goals across all competitions and secured a lucrative contract extension, his form has faltered this season, raising doubts about his future both at Manchester United and with the England national team.

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      he is great

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