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      What’s the most disturbing story in history?


      The Rape of Nanjing

      The Nanking Massacre or Rape was the name given to this horrifying incident. During the Japanese conquest of Nanking city in late 1937, more than 20,000 women, including children and the elderly, were mercilessly raped. They murdered around 50,000 male civilians and killed an estimated 150,000 male “war prisoners.”


      The Yangtze River received thousands of bodies of massacre victims, who were thrown there until the river water turned red from the corpses. The Japanese destroyed and burned a third of Nanking City after plundering it.

      It took decades for Nanking, formerly China’s most prosperous city and industrial hub, to recover from the destruction it endured. In 1949, Beijing replaced it as the nation’s capital.


      In order to establish a Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere under the leadership of Japan, Japan “had to teach the Chinese and reshape China by slaughtering its people,” according to the Japanese army’s reading of the imperial rescript.

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