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      Shekinah Brama

      Will Smith, 54, has replied to complaints that his new movie was released too soon after his March slap of Chris Rock at the Academy Awards.

      In the new Apple TV+ movie Emancipation, which recounts the story of an enslaved man who escapes from a Louisiana plantation and joins the Union Army during the Civil War, the 54-year-old plays Peter.

      It is the first project that Will Smith has worked on since slapping Chris Rock over a joke he made about his wife, Jada Pinkett Smith.

      Jake Hamilton questioned him on how some viewers felt it would be difficult to watch the new movie so soon after the incident, because the film sparked criticism from the public.


      That’s the kind of thing you say before you seat in a movie theater, Will retorted.


      “I would hope that the significance of the tale and the significance of Peter rise above those feelings and emotions because of the work [director Antoine Fuqua] and all of the artists associated with this film have done.”


      It has undoubtedly been a rough few months, he continued. And all I could hope for is that these incredible artists who have collaborated on this project won’t suffer because of a few horrifying transgressions on my part.


      Will also thought back on his experience filming the movie and the things he took away from playing his part.


      It was intriguing how Peter’s performance coincided with these final few months of his life, he observed. The ability to have an open heart in hell is the only way to be here, according to a brand-new theory that surfaced.


      That is the profound spiritual lesson Peter taught me. It is the lesson found in all of our sacred texts. In hell, are our hearts still open? The north star for me is when I look at Peter and when I see people who have figured it out.


      “The cannons I’m pursuing make that sound. To the point where I can sit comfortably in hell with my heart wide open, I will purify my heart, mind, and deeds.”Will Smith answers to criticism for releasing a new movie so soon after the Oscars slap.

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