Giving up- Not an option


We find ourselves in a competitive world, but one question people find hard to answer is “is it wrong to compete” I’d say it’s not wrong to compete but the motive for competition should be checked. Everyone wants a quick fix forgetting that the route to different destinations are different. We tend to get frustrated when things do not work for us and it works for others, we feel our efforts are just baseless which is wrong.


Sometimes we get too carried away with our thirst for progress that we forget we’ve come this far and we aren’t where we used to be. Some youths go as far as committing suicide for not so called “getting it right” or meeting up to a set standard by the society. It’s okay to get wearied, tired, distressed and cry but it’s not okay to give up.

You have so much embedded in you that the world needs, all you need is the patience to keep thriving hard and trust me you’d definitely get to the finish line. Giving up is not an option.It gets hard sometimes and honestly we want to throw in the towel either because we are not getting it right or we are not getting enough support but each time you want to give up remind yourself on why you started in the first place, there must have been a good reason so you just can’t quit. It might not look like it now but it’s definitely worth it

Every stress, every pain, every tear is worth it.
Keep seeing the bigger picture! Don’t give up! Just keep going!

Student Village Team.

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Giving up- Not an option