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Government Past Questions v5 (JAMB/WAEC/NECO)

Government Past Questions v5 (JAMB/WAEC/NECO); These Government past questions are for students who are sitting for the following examinations:


  • JAMB
  • Post-UTME / Post-JAMB
  • WAEC
  • NECO

Government Past Questions v5 (JAMB/WAEC/NECO)


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#1. The main function of the Legislative Council in British Colonial West Africa was to Options

#2. The judicial organ of the United Nations is the Options

#3. Which of the following countries has the right to veto the decision of the Security Council Options

#4. The primary function of the Economic and social council of the UN is to Options

#5. Which of the following countries voted 'no' in the referendum conducted by france in 1958? Options

#6. Where is the administrative headquarters of ECOWAS? Options

#7. Under the 1979 Nigerian Constitution, State Electoral Commissions are to conduct Options

#8. The body whose responsibility it is to recruit the senior staff of local government councils in Nigeria is the Options

#9. The Richards Constitution in Nigeria provided for the Options

#10. Ghana was led into independence by Options

#11. Which of the parties listed below was founded by Herbert Macaulay in 1923? Options

#12. In which of the following institutions does the 1979 Constitution of Nigerian provide for the representation of traditional rulers? Options

#13. The Economic Commission for Africa is an agency of Options

#14. One of the earliest political institutions set up in the colonial period to allow for local participation in politics was the Options

#15. The organization of African Unty was set up in Options

#16. The Nigeria 1979 Constitution gives the right to vote to Options

#17. The Nigeria 1981 Revenue Allocation Act entitled the local governments to? Options

#18. The Nigeria Federal Legislature is Options

#19. The OAU was founded to Options

#20. Under the present local government system in Nigeria, local councils get the bulk their finances from Options

#21. The United Nations Organization was founded to Options

#22. Before it became effective, the 1979 Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria was finally approved by Options

#23. Bye-laws are usually made and enforced by Options

#24. The idea of putting everyone under two levels of government at the same time is called Options

#25. One of the fundamental features of capitalism is Options

#26. A Federal system of government is the one in which Options

#27. The membership of pressure groups is limited because they Options

#28. A constituency is the same as Options

#29. In the British parliamentary system, if parliament passes a vote of no confidence on the government, the Prime Minister Options

#30. An unwritten constitution is the one where Options

#31. A body of people and institutions that make and enforce laws for a particular society is called Options

#32. All of the following term is different from the others? Options

#33. Anonymity of the civil servant means that civil servants must Options

#34. A court order directing a detainee to be brought to court is called Options

#35. To say that a country has a multi-party system means that Options

#36. Pressure groups are important because they Options

#37. The purpose of registration before elections is to Options

#38. In a parliamentary system of government the head of government is usually Options

#39. The idea of democracy as a system of government was inherited from Options

#40. We say that a constitution is rigid if Options

#41. Universal Suffrage means Options

#42. In the Parliamentary System of government executive powers are vested in Options

#43. In a federal system, powers that are allocated to both Central and State governments are called Options

#44. In a democracy, political power is exercised by Options


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