Be efficient in your tasks – Efficient means “capable of producing desired results without wasting materials, time, or energy”.

Prioritise tasks – A To do list will be a great tool for prioritizing tasks. 

Don’t start your day replying all emails – Junk emails will bore you and get you tired already. Check your mail after your cup of water, coffee or tea. 

Plan each day with a to-do list

Organise/tidy up your workspace – The myth that ideas come from an untidy workplace doesn’t work. 

Say no to distractions – See those Whatsapp notifications, they are distractions 

Stay motivated – It has to do with your mind, motivate yourself to get work done. 

Avoid procrastination

Take regular breaks. – Your brain needs to rest after so much work. Don’t deny it that rest, it’s necessary if you work long hours.