Tips For Increasing Productivity as a Student

Here are best tips for increasing productivity as a Nigerian student.

Work in Between Classes; Sometimes there is not so much time in between classes. But even the 15 minutes between classes can be put to good use if you’re motivated. Here are tips to help manage your home work.
1. Jot in a note pad or your phone in your down time between classes.
2. Use your jotter or note pads while waiting in line or walking to class.
3. Try to read a few pages of the chapter for that night while you’re waiting for your lecturer to set up for the class.
4. Outline an upcoming essay on a spare sheet of paper in a few minutes of free time.

Create to-do lists; Creating a list of all of your daily tasks and upcoming exams can be helpful for keeping everything on track or keep a bullet list on your phone. Make sure you mark which items are the most important and you’d like to do, but don’t need to do. Cross things out as you go to stay on track. As a bonus, you can include a reward for yourself

Get out of bed; Your room or apartment might seem like the coziest place in the world, but you won’t get much done there. Pack your backpack with some snacks and headphones and get yourself over to the library or a distraction-free zone! Check out your campus to find your best work spots and camp yourself out there for a few hours.

Learn how to Skim;Skimming is great for classes where the lecturers goes over most of the material in class, or when you have little or no time to go over lengthy texts. Skimming while studying can be helpful to help you remember some of the material. Skim with a highlighter, and bold anything you think is particularly important. When you go back to review, you’ll already know what to look for. Pay attention to headings and charts, these will have the most important information.

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Tips For Increasing Productivity as a Student