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How To Land Your First Job After Graduation

How To Land Your First Job After Graduation; Starting a career after graduating from school isn’t so difficult, though there are many external challenges that can delay new graduands/graduates from landing their first jobs, they shouldn’t come from you. In this article, we will cover ways you can land your first job after graduating.

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Start Networking

Business networking is the process of establishing a mutually beneficial relationship with other business people and potential clients or customers, a skill that many students are advised to take up while being undergraduates.

Though it’s not too late to start networking, you’ll have an upper edge if you start networking with people within your industry a while ago. Networking can be done by joining online communities or attending conferences and seminars within your Industry. Interning in firms is also a very effective method of networking.

Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn is a social media platform that centres around professionalism and job hunting, millions of professionals are offered jobs because of their activity on the social media platform. To optimize your LinkedIn profile, first sign up, use a professional photo as your profile picture, post your skills and certifications clearly on your profile and most importantly indicate that you are open for work so employers can find you.

Another way to find jobs on LinkedIn is to sell your skill set by being active with posts and being the first to apply for job posts from companies on LinkedIn.

Create A Professional CV

Creating a CV is important in landing your first job as a fresh graduate, but many fresh graduates get it wrong by bombarding their CV with so much information. A proper CV should cover only the following information.

Contact information
Education degree

You can leave out other irrelevant information that makes a CV bulky.

Get Certifications In Your Field / Expertise

Depending on your undergraduate degree doesn’t put you ahead of other applicants when applying for jobs. Fresh graduates can sign up to platforms like Udemy and Coursera and enrol for short certificate courses that will boost their expertise in a certain field of study.

It always works to your advantage when you have an edge over others in the application pool. These certifications can be added to your CV. We advise that before you enrol into any course, do proper research on what skills are sought after in your field before you apply for them. When you’ve completed the course, make sure you update your CV.

How To Land Your First Job After Graduation

Practice For Interviews

Interviews are a way for applicants to sell themselves face to face to the company they are applying into. Many people fall out of the interview pool because they get nervous along the way or simply because they weren’t prepared enough.

In other for fresh graduates to make the best of interviews you have to invest a reasonable amount of time practising before the big day, watch YouTube videos that cover interview hacks, you can as well Google popular questions that interviewers commonly ask. Also, don’t forget to research the company you are applying to before the interview.

Start Applying For Jobs

Jobs don’t miraculously fall on your laps, and fresh graduates make the mistake of leaving out a good old fashion job hunting style. Make sure you apply for Jobs in many places as possible, including LinkedIn, Indeed, Jobberman, and Newspapers; these are a few places people can find jobs.

Security Tip; Before you go for an interview make sure to search reviews on forums like Nairaland so you aren’t a victim of scammers and shady individuals.


Currently, it might seem that there are not enough jobs out there, and that is true but on the other end, there are many unqualified graduates who want to apply for jobs without first equipping themselves to be employable. Hopefully, this article provides insight on how you can equip yourself to finally land your first job as a fresh graduate.

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