How To Settle Down In A New School Environment

Change, they say is constant but can also be a bit difficult.

Adjusting to a new university environment is one of the biggest changes in life because we get to meet different people from different backgrounds with different orientations.

Now how do we strike a balance?

Here are a few steps:

1. Understand the fact that culture is relative and diverse. Don’t expect everyone to act like you. You will be exposed to new customs, habits and behaviors. Understanding is the first key to adjusting

2. Be open minded and curious: This doesn’t mean you have to change your values but just think of it as a new adventure and an opportunity to learn. You have to respect other people’s value and simply allow yourself to be curious about how things are perceived and done in this new environment.

3. Ask Questions: People who asks questions never miss it. No man is an island. Learn to ask questions when you are stuck. Asking for explanation or assistance does not make you week.
Understanding others and making yourself understood in a new language (or context) requires lots of rephrasing, repeating and clarification. It may be helpful to ask questions like “as I understand it you are saying… Is that correct?”

4. Be Observant: in a new environment, you can never be careful enough. Learn to talk less and observe more.
Pay attention to both the verbal and nonverbal communication of others in order to get a more complete picture of what is going on.

5. Be Patient: Give room for people to make mistakes and even yourself.

I believe with these few tips, getting along with people and adjusting to the environment won’t be so hard a task
I wish you the best in your new adventure


Written By Gift Maye Made

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How To Settle Down In A New School Environment