How To Clear Your Mind As A Student. 
We can’t deny the hustle and bustle that students have to go through everyday. Being in a country like Nigeria, you get to face challenges both on campus and off campus, this is mentally exhausting and can lead to a decline in grades, worst depression. It’s hard to deal with traffic, horrible economy then lectures, it can lead to a breakdown. So I’ve carefully outlined some ways you can clear your mind as a student, to ease off the stress.
  1. Mindful meditation – Yes, you don’t have to go all yoga on this one, anytime to feel overwhelmed with work and thoughts, just sit back, close your eyes and try not to think of all that for a while. It could be rather difficult not to think, so you could try replacing stressful thoughts, with happy thoughts. Imagine yourself counting a million dollars.
  2. Step Outside Often – Sometimes, or most times, all your mind needs is a peaceful stroll on a cool evening, don’t deprive it of that. Just drop all you are doing, and walk, but don’t work too far, you’d end up getting mad at yourself and at me.
  3. Stretch – Now maybe you might need to go yoga on this one. Your physical state more often than not, affects your mind, your muscles feel tight so take a break and stretch. You might need to Google stretching postures if you are interested.
  4. Do something active – Exercises are a good way to get your mind at ease. But if you are not the jump rope, crunches kind of person. You could consider video games they would help soon.
  5. Breath – This might seem weird. But concentrating on easy breathing, breath in breath out, slowly. Did you try it? I bet you feel good.

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