Importance Of Adequate Sleep

The importance of adequate sleep which is 7-8 hours in adults can not be overemphasized. Studies have shown that students who get adequate sleep every night are able to remember and perform more than those who don’t by a whooping 35% margin. Inadequate sleep decreases general alertness and impairs attention, resulting in slowed ability to understand.
Sleep deprivation has been made very common among university students who live in a culture that promotes reduced sleep, due to the burden of academic work and social pursuits. I mean, more often than not, if you don’t read “Till Day Break”, you’re seen as a lazy student. Other reasons for poor sleep hygiene are alcohol intake, stimulants, and of course, technology.
Here are some tips to ensure you get the full amount of sleep your body and brain needs

Get out of bed
If you have trouble falling asleep, get out of bed and do something relaxing until you feel sleepy.


Stay out of bed
Don’t study, read, watch TV or talk on the phone in bed. Only use your bed for sleep.

Limit naps
If you take a nap, then keep it brief. Nap for less than an hour and if possible, before 3 p.m.

Wake up on the weekend
It is best to go to bed and wake up at the same times on the weekend as you do during the school week. If you missed out on a lot of sleep during the week, then you can try to catch up on the weekend. Sleeping in later on Saturdays and Sundays however, will make it very hard for you to wake up for classes on Monday morning.

Avoid caffeine
Avoid caffeine in the afternoon and at night. It stays in your system for hours and can make it really hard for you to fall asleep.

Adjust the lights
Dim your lights in the evening and at night so that your body knows it will soon be time to sleep. Let in the sunlight in the morning to increase your alertness.


Taking some time to “wind down” before going to bed also does wonders. Get away from the computer, turn off the TV and the cell phone, and relax quietly for 15 to 30 minutes.

Eat little
Never eat a large meal right before bedtime. Enjoy a healthy snack or light food so you don’t go to bed hungry. For the ideal bed time snack, try a glass of skimmed milk, a small banana or a few nuts (groundnuts, cashew nuts etc) —all of which can really help to improve your sleep and your willpower the next day.

If you however have a sleep disorder, you should see a medical personnel.


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Importance Of Adequate Sleep