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JAMB English Novel Life Changer Past Questions 5

JAMB English Novel Life Changer Past Questions 5; Past questions for students who are about to sit for the upcoming JAMB. This novel is the recommended JAMB text for students.

Characters in The Life Changer; JAMB 2023 recommended text

Chapter-by-Chapter summary of The Life Changer.

JAMB 2023 recommended text; The Life Changer by Khadija Abubakar Jalli


Good Job

Read the book and try again

#1. Who was Omar's immediate sister?

#2. Ummi's husband wanted to study law but the providence chose that he study _____

#3. The full meaning of IPO is ______

#4. What is Ummi's Occupation?

#5. What is Ummi Matric Number?

#6. What is the full name of Salma?

#7. Who was the narrator of the life changer?

#8. How old is Bint ?

#9. What question did Bint ask her teacher?

#10. Who were the people in the car?

#11. How much did Habib give Tomiwa personally?

#12. How much did Tomiwa give her roommates?

#13. What was Omar's JAMB exam?

#14. What is the full meaning of the acronym EMAL

#15. Who introduced the snail delicacy?

#16. "Nothing happened, My friend didn't feel like giving you her number so she gave you mine instead" Who is the friend?

#17. It might be said that there is some kind of sibling rivalry between

#18. One reason the narrator had the habit of entering her children's room unannounced was because

#19. According to the story, one of the following is true


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