Kogi State Polytechnic IJMB Admission Forms for 2022/2023

Kogi State Polytechnic IJMB Admission Forms for 2022/2023; IJMB is an advanced-level program that helps university aspirants secure admission into any Nigerian university of their choice.

Kogi State Polytechnic IJMB Courses


  1. Accounting/Business management/A’ level maths
  2. Accounting/Business Management/Economics
  3. Accounting/Business management/Geography
  4. Accounting/Business management/Government
  5. Accounting/Business management/Soc
  6. Accounting/Economics/Geography
  7. Accounting/Economics/Government
  8. Accounting/Economics/Soc
  9. Accounting/Geography/A’ level maths
  10. Accounting/Geography/Government
  11. Accounting/Geography/Soc
  12. Accounting/Government/A’ level maths
  13. Accounting/Government/Soc Accounting/Economics/Geography
  14. Business management/Economics/Geography Business management/Economics/Government
  15. Business management/Economics/Soc
  16. Business management/Geography/A’ level maths Business management/Geography/Government
  17. Business management/Geography/Soc Business management/Government/Soc
  18. Business management/Government/Literature
  19. CRS/Government/Literature
  20. CRS/History/Literature
  21. Economics/Government/A’ level maths Economics/Geography/Government
  22. Economics/Geography/Soc
  23. Economics/Government/A’ level maths
  24. Economics/Government/Soc Geography/Government/A’ level maths
  25. Geography/Government/Soc
  26. Geography/History/Soc Government/IRS/Literature History/IRS/Literature


  1. Biology/Chemistry/A’ level maths
  2. Biology/Chemistry/Geography
  3. Biology/Chemistry/Geology
  4. Biology/Chemistry/Physics
  5. Chemistry/Geography/A’ level maths
  6. Chemistry/Geography/Physics
  7. Chemistry/Geology/A’ level maths
  8. Chemistry/Geology/Physics
  9. Chemistry/Physics/A’ level maths
  10. Geography/Physics/A’ level maths
  11. Geology/Physics/A’ level maths

Kogi State Polytechnic IJMB Admission Requirements

A. IJMB A’LEVEL (ONE YEAR): Candidates must have five subjects in (NECO/WAEC/GCE/NABTEB) at credit level which must include English Language and Mathematics, three of which must be relevant to one of the combinations offered by the School at a maximum of two sittings

B. IJMB basic English and Mathematics (i.e O’Level) (one-year) Candidates who have attempted SSCE, NECO, or WAEC but could not pass English language and Mathematics at credit levels are qualified for admission as external candidates.

How to Apply for Kogi State Poly IJMB Admission Form

Qualified candidates are advised to generate two different RRR numbers for the Admission form and Screening fee from the School portal https://portal.kogistatepolytechnic.edu.ng/ and proceed to make payment as follows IJMB Programmes = # 10,000.00

Note: Registration duration is 6 weeks from the day of this advertisement 18th of July 2022. 

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Kogi State Polytechnic IJMB Admission Forms for 2022/2023