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My Experience As A FAILURE – Seyi Dinma Samuel

As a student, I’ve experienced failure and success. On this short post, we’d be talking about failure. Growing up I attended YABA tech secondary school and I can confidently say I was one of the poorest students in my class, from jss1 to 3 my result card always had promoted on trial, accompanied with a lot of red ink. As young as I was I realized failing wasn’t rocket science, coming from a praying family I knew I couldn’t blame my Village people yet I couldn’t blame myself. Eventually I was transferred to Baptist Academy Obanikoro and boom I became a better student. Sometimes I want to credit this boost of mine to Rev Iyidele Paul, the then Chaplin of my school, his first sermon really ignited a fire in me, but there’s no extra ink to narrate that. As I became a better student I noticed some of my class mates doing exceptionally better that I was and others failing woefully.

Being a teacher I’ve come to realize the dynamism that students represent, the teaching technique that works for A doesn’t work for B, therefore you’d be teaching only A and not B.

Dear Student reading this, sometimes failing might be your fault, sorry most times failing is your fault, but some times it’s not, the school system is ridgid whereby the teacher is meant to explain what the curriculum asks them to, in the format teachers before them have been doing it, not understanding how different each of you are in understanding. Failing and success are alike, it takes a little difference to affect them, I realized I was a slow student and easily distracted, so I spent more time reading my school books than listening to the teacher, it might be a bad thing but it worked and it’s still works for me.

Figure out that change you need that will affect your academics positively and go for it.

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