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What Next After Failing Jamb? – Jamb Upgrade Doesn’t Exist

What Next After Failing Jamb – Jamb Upgrade Doesn’t Exist

This is the time of the year my phone blows up, calls for hundreds of students who “sadly” have failed Jamb and they are too scared or confused to tell their parents and guardians, most times they fall for the “Jamb upgrade” ruse that is trending on social media. Some days ago, I received a call from a student who asked me to check her Jamb score for her which I happily did and her score was way below 159, i felt bad for her and as I told her the score she burst into tears, it was hard consoling someone through the phone but I offered to help her through the process, she asked that I be the one to tell her sister, tough huh? Like I kept thinking how will I call someone’s wife and tell her your sister said I should tell you she scored 152 in Jamb but she’s too scared to call you.

 “That would have been an epic fail

I asked for the sisters number and called, I didn’t mention how I got the number or who sent me but I was able to deliver the message, I could tell the sister was upset with the score. But I laid out alternatives for them. Alternatives I’m going to lay out for you too.

1) Do Jamb again, this time prepare earlier.

2) Register for jamb alternatives like IJMB, JUPEB – This doesn’t mean you won’t do Jamb too, all it means is that you’d do Jamb and also do these programs one or the two of them will click

3) Register for National Open University Of Nigeria – It’s not a conventional school, but it could keep you busy while you plan getting into your choice school, and if along the line you love it. There’s no harm in continuing.

Failing Jamb isn’t the end of your educational pursuit and it would be best if you keep fighting. Most times you fail because you didn’t prepare well, other times because we have a bad system of Education in place but the major goal is to not throw in the towel.

 Education is never limited to a class room, there are opportunities out there, all you have to do is find them. 

To end this post, JAMB UPGRADE Doesn’t Exist! Instead of you losing that 5,000 out of desperation, use it to Buy better food at a restaurant for your folks or yourself.

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