NYSC wants institutions to digitalise students’ records

NYSC wants institutions to digitalise students’ records; According to the corps, the NYSC will easily be able to consolidate databases as a result of the computerization of student records.

The National Youth Service Corps has urged tertiary institutions that produce youth corps to computerize all of their student records so that the NYSC can easily combine databases.


In an interview on Saturday in Abuja, Christy Uba, the corps’ head of information and communication technology (ICT), made the request.

The Joint Admissions Matriculation Board (JAMB) database is used by schools to administer the post-Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (post UTME), although this practice has since ended.

“They will now type results that have been accepted by the Senate. Why? That post-UTME database ought to cover the first, second, third, fourth, and final years, don’t you think?

Such documents ought to be updatable, says the speaker. You shouldn’t come in and perform manual data entry at this point because we should have phased out our bulk data entry interface.

Only a few private institutions, according to Ms. Uba, have been able to completely computerize their student records from start to finish, while others have complained about the number of enrollees.

However, she asserted that as long as colleges can conduct post-UTME exams and connect to the JAMB database, the job shouldn’t be insurmountable.

The director added that NYSC downloads record from JAMB and validates them and that JAMB has moved everyone to the Central Admission System (CAS), which holds the list of admitted pupils.

“JAMB has been pushing it, but our institutions that produce youth corps should rise to the challenge and start harmonizing these things so that their data will have integrity because the manual thing has so many flaws.

So, Ms. Uba explained, “we make sure the name on the institution’s senate-approved list matches the name on the JAMB database.

Regarding the inclusion of names by potential youth corps members, she stated that the JAMB database was always the point of reference and that any names that were not already there would not be accepted.

Regarding the accreditation of Cybercafe Business Operators (CBOs), she explained that it gives the NYSC some measure of control and guarantees that the CBOs are accountable for the program and the youth corps participants.

According to her, the plan was to restrict access to and service delivery on the portal to CBOs that have registered with and received accreditation from the scheme’s CBO Online App Platform.

She claims that the organization planned to combine the operators of cybercafes when the NYSC integrated system was implemented in 2014, but there was a lot of opposition.

She also said the cafe operators tried to manipulate the records and give prospective youth corps members the impression that they could upload any type of document for them, knowing quite well that those documents may not apply to it.


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NYSC wants institutions to digitalise students’ records